Princess Penelope & the Runaway Kitten

Follow Princess Penelope as she runs through the palace and the palace grounds, including a maze, garden and the royal stables, chasing her naughty runaway kitten – who’s all tangled up with wool.


Box of Delights Best books of 2013.
“Alison Murray’s Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten (Nosy Crow, £9.99) has a kitten trailing a ball of glittering pink wool. A little princess chases it through a series of exuberant mishaps and rhyming couplets before winding up in just the right place. It is charming (and perfect for 2+)”

Booksniffer’s Yuletide Bonanza
“Penelope has the run of a most marvelous palace as she chases a playful kitten tumbling and skipping through the grounds of her home. With a wonderful vibrant pink glittery trail to follow on each page. Completely delicious.”

Geese, gorillas, grandads… and growing up: The world of children’s books
“Alison Murray’s Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten shows a naughty pet dashing through palace and garden while fast unravelling a ball of wool with which he has become entangled. Told in half rhyme and coolly illustrated, each page has a raised glitter trail representing the wool’s progress, ideal for small fingers to trace for themselves.”

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Princess Penelope maze puzzle