EY Residency session 4 + 5

I thought the session went really well today. Last week we carried on with the diamond shaped poems from session 4. I had brought along a drawing of a cat and a dog and my thinking was to try to focus on possible stories that might involve these two characters. From this, we got some really interesting poems about the opposite characteristics of the animals. It hadn’t been my intention, but it was an interesting idea, so today we pursued this a bit further.

Using opposites, we started mapping out a possible story that could work over the 12 double-page spreads of a book. I think it’s really good to map out an idea like this, because it helps give it a tangible shape. It’s also useful to have an overview of the whole book.

The best thing about today was that everyone was pitching in really good ideas. Which reminds me I have to go and type them all up!

Here’s a brilliant photo from one of the mums, her boys (5 1/5 and 4 months) are reading a book from the Bookbug bag.

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