EY Residency session 3

I’m really excited about todays session. For the first time we really got our teeth into something that we could all visualise becoming a 32-page picture book.

First we made-marks on two pieces of paper. The first represented grumpy, angry, bad-tempered. The other represented calm, serenity, peacefulness. Everyone really got into this, and it was amazing what we found in all these seemingly random marks.

Then we created a list of words connecting the two opposing emotions. Within this list of words we found a character, a setting, a problem and an action resulting in a sequence of events that leads to a transformation. We basically created a classic story arc completely organically, without really even being aware of doing it. This story unfolds within a list of words – quite poetically, without any need for sentences. I think it could be really sparse and beautiful and leaves lots of room for imagination. I am really excited, this idea has legs.

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