One, Two, That’s My Shoe

Join in the chase as Georgie and Grace learn to count from one to ten. This favourite rhyme is retold with a sense of fun, mischief and real style by Alison Murray creator of Apple Pie ABC


It’s amazing how a creative approach to counting can jazz up something as seemingly dull as the numbers 1 to 10. The trick, as Maurice Sendak so memorably made clear in “One Was Johnny,” is in the storytelling. Here, one is a puppy that stands on a chair; two are the shoes he picks up to chew. Riffing off “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe,” a little girl cries out, “That’s my shoe!,” and the chase is on. Featuring the same dog as in “Apple Pie ABC,” Murray uses a limited palette that brings just enough pop to the page. It’s much more fun than flashcards. Pamela Paul, The New York Times. 23.08.2012

Alison Murray’s One, Two, That’s My Shoe is highly recommended as both a counting book and a simple rhyming story about a puppy and a little girl. Murray’s crisp, clear designs and use of primary colours gives the book a timeless appeal, and alert expressions and playfulness will make children of 2+ crow with laughter. Amanda Craig, The Times. 02.07.2011

All that was said in our reviews of Apple Pie ABC applies here. The quality just as high, the characters just as playful and enjoyable, the text as sparse but appropriate, and the illustrations the star of the show. 

The illustrations bear repeated comment: the style and choice of colours scream of wonderful design. Each page includes the set of number of items to count, but they are not hammered home in a way that undermines the scene. The overall quality means that children will enjoy picking it up long after they’ve mastered counting for themselves.

An absolute joy, and we can’t wait to see what’s next from Georgie and Grace. Keith Dudhnath, The Bookbag, May 2011

The illustrations in this beautiful counting book – a follow up to Apple Pie ABC – are deliciously retro and lead you and your child through the simple narrative: the little girl has to chase her impish dog to get back her red shoe. Each pair of numbers counting up to ten is matched with rhyming words making the progression easier for small children to remember. There are different things to count – seven trees, nine chicks, for example – and many levels on which this book can be enjoyed again and again. A charming way to learn and have fun.
Book Club, October 2011

Alison Murray’s One, Two, That’s My Shoe is early learning at it’s best. Here a child chases a naughty pet up the number chain from one to ten, where everyone is friends again. It is also told in rhyme and illustrated with huge pictures, and the numbers flash by as part of the fun. Nicholas Tucker, The Independent on Sunday, 24.07.2011