EY Residency session 6

Today we carried on with the idea of a narrative using opposites about a cat and a dog. Only this time I maybe went a step too far trying to impose a rhyming structure as well. Sounds hard, but it’s amazing how it can actually work…

Inside, outside
Under, over
Through, around

It’s easy to imagine a chase between a clever acrobatic cat and a daft dog, ending happily with them cuddled-up, tuckered-out in the same bed, opposites but still friends. However, when you are trying to create a poem that rhymes, with opposites – to then try and impose a full narrative from beginning to end could get a bit tricky. So my idea is to perhaps have two or three narratives running parallel and intersecting at times, one of which being the cat / dog chase.

I think this idea is good and is definitely heading in the right direction. However, even though the parents have done all the work – I feel there’s still not enough of them in it. So that’s my next task. I want to get a little more of the parent’s and their children’s personalities into our work.

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